I’ve had recurring arthritic pain in my knee for years and nothing ever seemed to help. It got so bad that, at 25 years old, I had to stop running and alter my workouts just to avoid the pain. It still flares up occasionally when I do strenuous physical work and it can really inhibit my day. Sometimes the pain can persist for up to a week. I don’t like prescription pain medication and over the counter meds never helped. I tried Bud Rub very skeptically and I was amazed at how fast it eased the pain: and with only a small amount. The moment I applied Bud Rub I could feel my knee tingling. Moments later the banging pain in my knee began to ease. It continued to work for over an hour. I only reapplied two more times that day. Now, whenever I have that recurring pain I use Bud Rub. Not only does it ease the pain but it seems to shorten the length of time the pain persists. Where, in the past, the pain would continue over days and sometimes up to a week, now I use Bud Rub and for 36-48 hours I am released from the pain. It still amazes me every time. I keep Bud Rub in my medicine chest and it continues to provide relief for my arthritis that I never thought I would experience. Bud Rub has truly changed my life for the better. Thank you Bud Rub!

CT- Teaching Artist

I recently purchased Bud Rub after hearing/learning the health benefits of topical THC. I used it on my hands for some pain I was having and there was instant relief. I was shocked that it worked so quickly. I began using Bud Rub on pain spots daily and have noticed a significant decrease in pain and soreness. Sometimes I suffer from sciatica nerve pain in my back. Bud Rub has been a tremendous help in reducing inflammation and pain in my back as well. I love this stuff and have recommend/handed some out to many of my friends. They all love it! I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a new way to have instant pain relief.

Mary Schalinske, age 29

About a year ago I started getting horrible pains in my leg and it got so bad it was nearly unbearable. The doctor ran many tests, but no exact results were found. He put me on two different prescription pain medications, but they had little effect. I was also buying all kinds of over the counter pain creams plus even a horse liniment, but they also gave small results.
Then I was introduced to Bud Rub, and wow, I got remarkable results. It is so amazing! My pain has decreased about 90% and I am again able to do so many of the things that I had to give up. Also I was able to stop the prescription pain medications and over the counter creams. 
I want to thank you so so much for having this product available for anyone in pain.

A very satisfied customer, age 79

Having had arthritic hands for some years, I became accustomed to the inability of straightening my fingers. When introduced to Bud Rub, I was more intrigued, rather than skeptical, of it’s possibilities. After I massaged a small bit into my hands, almost immediately, (upon contact), my fingers were able to straighten! It was magical and the effects lasted a few days. This product is amazing and should not be overlooked for it contains healing powers.

Francine Torchio

After complications from a blood transfusion due to a car accident, I developed a rare staph infection, which restricted the circulation of blood flow through my arteries. This caused blood clots in my arms and legs resulting in painful sores. After applying Bud Rub to these areas the swelling beagn to dissipate and the pain was relieved. The application of Bud Rub to my legs helped me walk easier and bend down without pain. Thank you Bud Rub!!

James Missale

After breaking my ankle last year, I used Bud Rub to treat the soreness in my ankle during recovery. I rubbed it on every couple of hours as needed and could walk with out joint pain.

Stephen, age 29

I have a titanium rod in my right femur bone and a screw in my right hip to hold the rod in place. After I do activities like bowling I have pain in my right hip. I use the Bud Rub to relieve the pain in my hip. This stuff works.

Dan Armstrong, age 38

Bud Rub works! I threw my back out and could not move. I applied Bud Rub and then put a heating pad on and the next day I was 90% better! By day 3 I was 99% back to normal.

April Biracree-Wisowaty